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Professional Overview

Rakesh Dhar is a medical professional based in Wellesley, MA. His specializations include treating migraine headaches, neuromuscular disorders, stroke, spinal cord injuries, sports injuries and concussion as well as many other conditions. Since 2013 Rakesh has worked as a clinician at CNS Multispeciality Clinic. However, he has worked in the medical field for over 12 years.

When Rakesh Dhar was a child, he would often visit his grandfather who was a practicing general physician. Looking at all of the books in his study and playing with gadgets like stethoscopes fascinated Rakesh. Today Rakesh’s mother is a retired physician. Just like his grandfather, she inspired him to pursue a career in the medical and research fields.


In addition to his work with patients, Rakesh Dhar also focuses on clinical research. Rakesh first became involved with research shortly after medical school training when he began to study Ophthalmology and eye disorders. Later Rakesh continued his research while working at the Centers for Neurological Diseases, Harvard Institutes of Medicine in Boston. While he initially did basic research, he later spent time at TUFTS Medical Center and Boston University Center doing clinical research in Infectious Diseases / HIV / Hepatitis C and Anesthesiology respectively. Additionally, he assisted with clinical trials for chronic and episodic migraine headaches at Medvadis in Watertown, MA. Today he works in global patient safety at Merck in the greater Boston area.


The best aspects of working in the medical field include the lack of dull moments and the tremendous scope for learning and contributing to teams made up of talented professionals. Another one of the best facets of being a doctor is the patients themselves. Every day Rakesh Dhar gets to help patients improve their functionally and eventually overcome their physical, mental and emotional disabilities. Helping others improve their quality of life is a very humbling and joyous experience. However, there are challenges as well. The work can be difficult at times due to the learning curve and complexity of individual cases. Fortunately, Rakesh works with brilliant colleagues which significantly helps when it comes to solving issues. Plus, being surrounded with the right team helps boost everyone’s confidence and performance.

Throughout his career, Rakesh has always put people first. While this is an important quality for doctors, it is also a quality that is essential to success in any endeavor. Rakesh’s individualized service is one of the reasons why he has had such a fruitful career. He is particularly concerned about patients with medical and psychological disabilities since they form a unique segment of the community and require special attention. However, when it comes to meeting any patient, Rakesh takes the time to get to know the individual, listen to them, and try his best to help improve their quality of life.

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